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what is speech ?

speech is vocalized, form of communication used by humans, which is bassed upon the syntatic combination of items drawn from the lexion.

what are we aspect speech and what we must do before delivery?

eye contact, attitude, body language, intonation and expression

state the topic of you speech ?

anggelita : chemistry in live

rizky fitri febrianti : chemistry in food

dian andriani : formaline danger in food chemistry

rendi : chemistry

dwi fitriani : lecture at the mathematics and natural science chemistry of my choose



My Speech

Assalamualaikum wr.wb.

Before I begin to deliver this speech, I would like to invite you to thank to Allah SWT the Almight, who has given us mercy and blessing and also lets deliver Shalawat and salam to our prophet Muhammad SAW , who has brought us from the darkness brightness.

Hy ladies and gentleman , good afternoon guys,  my name is Rizky Fitri Febrianti. I want to tell about my speech is The importance of the application of healthy lifestyle.  Healthy very important for ours body. Anyone in this world does not want to get sick. Everyone always hopes to always be given health every day. Because if we are sick we can not activity as usual. Therefore we must keep our lifestyle well in order to avoid various diseases. Disease exists because of the lack of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is one’s habit to apply healthy life in everyday life and avoid bad habits that can interference with health. With apply healty life can avoid from various disseas. Example from apply healthy life is eat nutious food, exercise and keep the environment clean. Nutritious food contains many vitamins, minerals, zinc and others. Nutritious foods are found in vegetables and fruits. These foods can make the body healthy.  Exircise very important in apply healthy lifesyle. Such as a morning run in the morning is great for the body. Exercising can regulate our metabolic system for the better. With a morning run can make our immune system to disease and avoid heart disease and others. Exercise can make the body more healthy and fresh.

In addition to exercising and eating nutritious food. Keeping the environment around us clean is also important. With a dirty environment can cause disease seeds. If the environment is clean then the seeds of the disease will die. By taking out the trash in its place.

 Thank you very much for your attention. Wasaalamualikum waromatulahiwabarakatuh






My Diary

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Assalamualaikum waramatullahhiwabarakatuh

Hello hello my friends…

Dear diary…

Welcomeee to my blog. How are you today guys??? I hope you are alright. I want to tell my diary from may 10-may 17. Wednesday 10th Wednesday as usual I am a chemistry practicum at 13.00. The morning of college mathematics courses. But I am not in college in the morning because the chemical report is not finished yet. But at 8:40 am I arrived campus was his intention not to go to college but thought of loss as well. But when in the campus ad line entry if the lecturers who teach already entered. I was scared to be scolded I finally decided to go home rather than later expelled for being too late to be embarrassed. At 10:00 I go to campus again for the preparation of laboratorium work. When you meet friends who are working on the report again. All friends are busy with reports and journals. At 12:40 the lab assistant checked the report and the journal. I finished until 16.30 and decided to go home.

The Thursday of the 11th of May did not go to college for the holidays until the 16th. Usually on holidays just sleeping in the house.

Read wattpad that is in the application on the phone

Friday the 12th day of May there was a meeting of Himah. I was absent because I was not feeling well and if I did not attend I had to be fined. In the afternoon I went to the library to find basic theories for organic chemistry journals and until the evening. Tired of that tired feeling. Feels very boring. Because it must keperpustakaan continuously.


The night stayed up until 02.00. Saturday morning I was working on unfinished journals and afterwards washed my clothes because it was piled up. At 13.00 the organic chemistry lab until 16.30. After the lab I was lying at home because I was tired. The night i read wattpad. Well hoby read the novels in the app. Sunday the 14th of May I just lie at home enjoying the holiday. Night work on organic chemical reports until staying awake. Monday, May 15, collected the task of organic chemistry report to campus, whereas in the holiday really lazy have to campus. Chemical majors are busy with laoran and journals. Tuesday 16th of May I sold on campus for fundraising for anniversary himki from 06.00 until 12.00. We sell in auditorium of and in mipa campus. Really embarrassed to sell because it’s hard also make money. Selling food and map for children who passed SNMPTN re-registration. On campus is being held SBMPTN exam until the afternoon. I went to my friend’s house to work on reports and journals. We went to the library to find the theoretical basis for the reports and journals that last basic chemistry.


Wednesday is the 17th day of college as usual. College math advanced and I am excited because it is not too late. Waiting for the lecturer to come and start is the lecture. Very boring learning math because I do not like math lessons and less understood. In many college days who do not go to college because they are working on reports and journals for the last practicum. At 10:10 am just finished the advanced mathematics course. After college waiting for  assistant’s signature for report attachment. Waited until half an hour and senior said he was in college. Already tired of waiting. At 12:40 the practicum assistant was waiting in front of the hall to check reports and journals. Group called from group seven. After that the  practice starts at 13.20 running well because our labs are done fast and there is not much to do. After my practicum came home and fell asleep because of very tired. Yeahh see you next my story.











My Future Business

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Assalamualaikum waramatullahhiwabarakatuh

Hello hello my friends…

Welcomeee to my blog.Meet again with me Rizky Fitri Febrianti. How are you today guys??? I hope you are alright. Yuhuu I want to tell abot my future business. I hobby is eating and reading book. The next day I want to have a restaurant, a bookstore and a clinic. The reason to want to have a restaurant because of the hobby of eating and love to find a new place to eat that has many variants of food. Restaurants that have innovations like hospitals and are designed for families. Have a bookstore because I love reading novels. I want from a hobby can be a thriving business. Like the gramedia bookstore in the shopping center. I used to aspire to have a clinic or hospital. Formerly wanted to be a pharmacist who is expert in medicine. But that’s just an ideal that may have been almost gone. I even went to a chemistry department that was not a priority. Lectures in this department of chemistry a lot of burden is usually a lot of piling tasks that sometimes like to despair. But I’ve heard that chemistry scholars can continue with pharmacist S2. It is very fun because the ideals that had been delayed hopefully can be achieved. With the ideals of being a pharmacist I want to have a clinic or hospital. Ok I want to boast of my parents and see them happy. Please pray it may be achieved.Amin

Tutorial hijab

Assalamualaikum waramatullahhiwabarakatuh. 

Hello hello my friends… 

Meet again with me Rizky Fitri febrianti. 😁😁How are you today guys???  I hope you are alright.😊😀  Welcome to my blog.  Yuhuuu,  and now I can tell you about tutorial to use hijab. 

First,  wearing a veil. Second, both trim the veil to the left and right. Three after that trim the veil witb a pin on the right. Then the  scarf is given a pin on the left.  Finally part of the longer veil in wrap to the right and given a pin at the end the veil. 

Ask an Expert

Assalamualaikum waramatullahhiwabarakatuh

Hello hello my friends…

Meet again with me Rizky Fitri Febrianti. How are you today guys??? I hope you are alright. Welcome to my blog. Yuhuu and now I can tell you about my friedns. She is very talented. Who is she ???  Yeah let me intoroduce my friend.

Me : what is your name ?

Friend : my name is Erni Hartati my nick name is erni or eni

Me : when you born ?

Friend : I was born in Pontianak 2 October 1998

Me : where do you live ?

Friend: I live in sungai raya dalam street

Me : what is your hobby ?

Friend : my hobby is playing tennis

Me : waahh, very interesting yah. why choose tennis not others?

Friend : Because my father is tennis coach. And I like very playing tennis with my father and my friends.

Me :very exciting to play tennis at a time can enjoy time with those closest. any accomplishment ever achieved??

Friend : ever women’s singles tennis champion 3 regional level. 3 champion women’s tennis team provincial level II region

Me : wahh very amazing. gain any time to be an athlete??

Friend : time to be an athlete when the game more attention in terms of lodging, food and others.





Robots in the home 

I used at least 8 electronic devices in the past 24 hours just like : handphone,  television,  fan, laptop, lamp, rice cooker and flatiron. 

Everyday robot can help me communicate with other people.  Robot can help me get information. Robot can help me cooking the rice everyday. 

We should not using a robot.  If the job easy we have to do it ourselves.  Like doing housework because it will make lazy. 

Words Definitions

Adopts : to accept or start tu use something new. 

Effort: physical or mental activity needed to achieve something. 

Aid : support, help

Force: physical power or strength possesed by a living being 

Career : an accupation or profesion especially one requiring, special training,  followed as one’s lifework. 

Oppose : to stand in the way of hinder and obstruct 

Code : language,  system or words, letters or signs which is used to represant a message in secret form. 

Potential : to be uncertain about something

Doubt : uncertain,  not sure. 

Serve : to act as a servant

I cant imagine without foods

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Assalamualaikum waramatullahhiwabarakatuh

Hello hello my friends…

Meet again with me Rizky Fitri Febrianti.👏👏 How are you today guys??? I hope you are alright😃. Welcome to my blog🔙. Yuhuu and now I can tell you about my third the story. You know what I will ??? I will tell you we can not live without food. One characteristic of living beings are in need of food, not to mention humans. The quality of the body’s health is largely determined by the quality of his blood. The quality of blood is largely determined by the quality of food eaten. Every human  different feeding needs, each food also has a specific nutrient content.👭👭

Okay I will explain the existing content in foods such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water. In the body of some foods can not be absorbed completely. Usually carbohydrates, fat and protein absorbed 98%, 95% and 92 of the%. As for some benefits of food as follows. As an energy source. Sources regulator and protector against disease. Body builder source for growth and repair of the body. As a source of replacement cells with age old worn / damaged. Regulate metabolism and regulate a variety of balance, for example, water balance, acid-base balance and mineral balance in the body fluids. As a heating and protective vital organs. Play a role in the body’s defense mechanism against various diseases, such as antioxidants and antibodies. See you next storyy…📚📝