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Assalamualaikum waramatullahhiwabarakatuh

Hello hello my friends…

Meet again with me Rizky Fitri Febrianti. How are you today guys??? I hope you are alright. Welcome to my blog. Yuhuu and now I can tell you about my friedns. She is very talented. Who is she ???  Yeah let me intoroduce my friend.

Me : what is your name ?

Friend : my name is Erni Hartati my nick name is erni or eni

Me : when you born ?

Friend : I was born in Pontianak 2 October 1998

Me : where do you live ?

Friend: I live in sungai raya dalam street

Me : what is your hobby ?

Friend : my hobby is playing tennis

Me : waahh, very interesting yah. why choose tennis not others?

Friend : Because my father is tennis coach. And I like very playing tennis with my father and my friends.

Me :very exciting to play tennis at a time can enjoy time with those closest. any accomplishment ever achieved??

Friend : ever women’s singles tennis champion 3 regional level. 3 champion women’s tennis team provincial level II region

Me : wahh very amazing. gain any time to be an athlete??

Friend : time to be an athlete when the game more attention in terms of lodging, food and others.





Robots in the home 

I used at least 8 electronic devices in the past 24 hours just like : handphone,  television,  fan, laptop, lamp, rice cooker and flatiron. 

Everyday robot can help me communicate with other people.  Robot can help me get information. Robot can help me cooking the rice everyday. 

We should not using a robot.  If the job easy we have to do it ourselves.  Like doing housework because it will make lazy. 

Words Definitions

Adopts : to accept or start tu use something new. 

Effort: physical or mental activity needed to achieve something. 

Aid : support, help

Force: physical power or strength possesed by a living being 

Career : an accupation or profesion especially one requiring, special training,  followed as one’s lifework. 

Oppose : to stand in the way of hinder and obstruct 

Code : language,  system or words, letters or signs which is used to represant a message in secret form. 

Potential : to be uncertain about something

Doubt : uncertain,  not sure. 

Serve : to act as a servant

I cant imagine without foods

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Assalamualaikum waramatullahhiwabarakatuh

Hello hello my friends…

Meet again with me Rizky Fitri Febrianti.👏👏 How are you today guys??? I hope you are alright😃. Welcome to my blog🔙. Yuhuu and now I can tell you about my third the story. You know what I will ??? I will tell you we can not live without food. One characteristic of living beings are in need of food, not to mention humans. The quality of the body’s health is largely determined by the quality of his blood. The quality of blood is largely determined by the quality of food eaten. Every human  different feeding needs, each food also has a specific nutrient content.👭👭

Okay I will explain the existing content in foods such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water. In the body of some foods can not be absorbed completely. Usually carbohydrates, fat and protein absorbed 98%, 95% and 92 of the%. As for some benefits of food as follows. As an energy source. Sources regulator and protector against disease. Body builder source for growth and repair of the body. As a source of replacement cells with age old worn / damaged. Regulate metabolism and regulate a variety of balance, for example, water balance, acid-base balance and mineral balance in the body fluids. As a heating and protective vital organs. Play a role in the body’s defense mechanism against various diseases, such as antioxidants and antibodies. See you next storyy…📚📝





Unit 4 

A.  Pre-reading question

1.)  People have much more stay time but in the future. Function of robots maximal than people. 

 Robots will help us in the home,  help ourself to finish homework. 

Robot will make someone a more lazy to working.

2.) we like to see robot to recycle trash.

We like to see robot to detect dissease. 

B. Reading

Paragraph 1

Gates suggest that soon robot will be adopted in the home in the some way thay personal computers have been

Paragraph 2

Second, cameras, GPS and voice recognition software enable robots to react to the world around them. 

Paragraph 3

Think of all the effort they will save us!  We will have time to do the things we love. 

C.  Identifying topic and main idea

1.c. robots in the home 

2.c. robots will take care of older people and make sure that they take their medicine. 

E.  Identifying opinions

1.a. all technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines than ever. 

Going beyond the text 

1. We agree if a robot becomes on airline pilot because to minimize of human error. Human error come to everytime if airline pilot is human with human error can be accident. 

2. We don’t agree if a robots become a cook because the people cook more delicious than robot and only do the system operation. 

3. We don’t agree if a robot becomes a doctor brcause is not everytime has doing. We can not to consultation about our healty. 

4. We don’t agree if a robot becomes on police officer because the robot can not serve and protect and defend the public.  Robot also can not be responsible. 

5.we don’t agree if a robot becomes on singer because robot can’t singing well than people.  For example the expression of the singer robot cant improve the song. 

6. We don’t agree if a robot becomes on store clerk to minimize range of working and also unemployment level in our country. 

7. We agree if a robot becomes on taxi driver because eficient time. And also to keep vanilain. 

8. We don’t agree if a robot becomes on teacher because we can not ask something wrong in privacy robot human and impossible if robot to teaching human. 


My Skill

Assalamualaikum waramatullahhiwabarakatuh

Hello hello my friends…

Meet again with me Rizky Fitri Febrianti. How are you today guys??? I hope you always fine and  god bless you.Here I will tell you about my skill. I am confused to tell me what skill I have. I do not have the skill that can be shown. I have a hobby of reading novels and writing fiction. Yeah, regarding about my hobby I once wrote a story of short stories entitled pride. It was the first time I am writing a story because I thought I do not have the skill the field and even then because of school work are given teacher my current high school.

As a result of these tasks I want to publish a book that might be useful for others. I want to tell you a little about my study. I study at university of Tanjungpura faculty of mathematics and science usually from the department of chemistry to follow scientific writing competition. In the competition we were divided into several groups, one group consisting of three people. We were given guidance from seniors about the writing competition. Initially we were confused and did not understand how to create a scientific paper. With the guidance and cooperation group we could finally finish our scientific work. And thank God we pass the first stage and we were in the top five for presentation. In the presentation phase went good and we I got runner up.

After that I would like to further enchance my skill to write a novel. I also follow a community that could help on the field of authorship that is Mathematics Science Institute. There we were taught many thing about writing scientific papers. And I hope from hobby to read the novel can be a writer and  can be read by many people. Ok guys see you next my story..

Why I continue my study to university level

Assalamualaikum warohmatullah hiwabarokatuh

Hy friends……

How are you today ? I hope you always fine and god bless you😊😀. Well I will introduce myself🙎. My name is Rizky Fitri Febrianti. My nick name is kiki or rizky. I come from  Sambas, West Borneo. But , I was born in Pontianak on 3th  february 1998. Now i’m 19 th  years old. My favorite food is fried rice. My hobby is reading a novel. I like many novels especially the romantic genre. I live in  Prof.Muh.Yamin street Keluarga bersama Number 5. I live with my brother because my family live in Sambas. It’s my first time I writing a blog in English.

I study at the Tanjungpura  University,  faculty of mathematic and natural scince. Well, why I continue my study to university level?? Because I want to get the science and I need continue to study at university and I want to get a college degree. I want to make my family proud of me👪💑. I want to continue to learn in university to have extensive knowledge. I study at the department of chemistry because I really like the chemistry lesson. During my studies at the university a lot of science to be had. After a few months I have new friends in faculty. I feel enjoy with activities on university. Sometimes I feel tired with my activites. And I hope I can be successful in chemistry.

Bye bye see you next story…